A quick summary of who Guillaume Plaisance is and what he does

Professional life

Guillaume Plaisance is a future French PhD candidate in Management Science and management of companies and non-profit organizations

His specialties are the governance of organizations (including internal audit, internal control and risk management), overall performance and corporate social responsibility. He studies how all the stakeholders are involved and integrated in a same ecosystem and how they interact thanks to their reciprocal expectations.

Graduated in 2018 from the Master of Management in Sciences Po Bordeaux, selective school of Political Sciences, and from the Master of Management Control and Internal Auditing of the Institute of Business Administration of Bordeaux, he has multiple experiences of management: in banking, in financial audit or also in associations, being a volunteer consultant for Passerelles & Compétences.

Passionate about teaching, he offers private lessons and proposes, with the Education & Numérique platform, some free MOOCs for students and curious people in various disciplines. He wants to become a professor and researcher in management sciences. He wants to work and do research in network and community, not just alone.

Citizen life

Associative leader, he is committed to the initiatives of young people and he fights against prejudices about them. Passionate about education, the world of youth and commitment, he tries to contribute to the reflection on the school system and the young generations through articles, publications, researches and expertise for partners.

In the academic field, he is interested in social innovation and the social and cooperative economy. He is also focusing on issues related to the renewal of citizenship. That’s why he is an expert for foundations specialized in solidarity and commitment.

Member of several citizen councils, he received the Ministerial Medal of Youth, Sports and Associative Commitment, as well as the Medal of the City of Bordeaux.

Author life

Speaker for all audiences (student, professional, youth, leaders, etc.), he published several books, including « The Commitment », which deals with the withdrawal and forms of citizen contributions. He analyzes the recent developments of civil society and citizenship: he considers that young people are the first actors of these changes, and we must refound our vision of citizens.

Finally, he writes philosophical publications, particularly about Evil, public and private lives, Intimate and politics.

To contact him: guillaume.plaisance@acteursjeunes.fr or gp@guillaumeplaisance.fr